• We at MX are super excited to be a part of the digital only Microsoft Ignite starting 22nd September 2020. At the edge of our seats to know more on ways to optimize and automate businesses worldwide. We’ll be there

  • The overall outlook on LMS as a learning technology seems to be on the positive side. As more enterprises embrace eLearning and academia integrated it further into their courses, LMS platforms will become a must-have.

  • PrinciplesTeach everything you know you are good at Share the vision Set short term, achievable goals Track progress, closely! Celebrate success Align everyone's interestHire the best - RockstarControlling the quality of individuals you hire V/S Controlling the work they do every day ! Total Cost =

  • Teach everything you know you are good at

  • So you have a new project to start with, you are all excited and wish to put your best foot forward.

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