11 Pointers for a great Project Kick-off


11 Pointers for a great Project Kick-off

So you have a new project to start with, you are all excited and wish to put your best foot forward. We all as Developers / Managers have gone through this exciting, nervous, sceptical, and ambitious feeling.

Managers in general under rate project kick-off and most of them even go unprepared or even prepare a custom presentation for the meeting. This is probably the best time of the project life cycle where both the parties are excited, happy, exhilarated and all charged up to take it on.

  1. This is probably the best time to reiterate on the project assumptions and key roles / critical path responsibilities that the customer needs to perform.
  2. Make sure your full team (or as much as space allows) is present, use the positive energy to bring every one on-board.
  3. Make sure both sides have the key stake holders listening, especially when while giving an overview of the contract clauses, roadmap, etc. helps bringing everyone on the same page.
  4. Don’t make it a drag and kill the enthusiasm.
  5. Set Expectations With the Customer on Execution and Communication
  6. Engaging the team helps instill ownership
  7. Project Monitoring, Communication and issue resolution process should be made clear right here right now.
  8. Identify a SPoC (Single Point of Contact) at both ends.
  9. Decide on the escalation mechanism
  10. Discuss & hand over the detailed project plan.
  11. Might not fit the time but try discussing the project goals and milestones.

Getting the project off the ground properly can set the tone for the entire engagement. Make sure you make it count.