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Crafting beauty behind the scenes

If front-end is the body of your application, then back-end is its brain. Back-end development covers all the core functional elements. As the main information hub, it’s constantly sending and receiving inputs through the front-end. It then processes the data on the web page while ensuring that everything on your side of things is well harmonized.

Back-end development involves writing, optimizing and deploying the intricate code that sits server-side. To do this you need a team of experts well versed in writing complex functional protocols, building intricate libraries and developing other deep components. You need someone who can be instrumental in providing architectural consistency and a defined structure to the application. When it comes to brilliant back-end development, you need Manprax Software LLP.

As a trusted and certified Microsoft Gold Partner, we can work with you to get the most out of this brilliant framework.
Microsoft .Net
We are enabling our clients’ to leverage the world’s fastest-growing programming language.

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