Microsoft Teams Development

Build apps for Microsoft Teams

Integrate your apps and services with Microsoft Teams, the collaboration platform for the modern workplace, and reach millions of users.

Illustration showing your app on Teams is pointing to your app logic in the cloud server.

Some typical scenarios that a custom Teams app can help with are

  • Embed web-based content, such as a web app or part of a website, in the Teams client
  • Look up information quickly in another system and adding it to a Teams conversation
  • Trigger workflows and processes directly from what’s said in a conversation


Communicate with external apps: Incoming webhooks outgoing webhooks, message your web service with an @mention.

Microsoft Graph for Teams

Utilize Teams data, access to information about teams, channels, users, and messages.


Spaces where users can interact with embedded web content in personal and shared contexts


Chatbots that interact with users in personal and shared contexts

Messaging extensions

Shortcuts for inserting app content or acting on a message without navigating away from the conversation