What Manprax do actually in python?

MX a Python web development company, enables clients’ to leverage the world’s fastest-growing programming language. Python is rapidly gaining popularity among start-ups and cloud technology provider companies all over the world. This open source, clear & powerful object oriented programming language uses a simple, yet elegant syntax, which makes it easily readable. Python allows rapid development, which is ideal for prototype development as well as other ad-hoc programming tasks. Other valuable features of Python are:

Trusted by Google, YouTube, Instagram, NASA, Dropbox, & more, for website development.

Requires fewer codes, which makes the process of development faster.

Offers impeccable security to web and mobile applications.

Makes Python based development time & cost effective.

Supports multiple programming structures: imperative, object oriented, & functional programming.

Code can be grouped into modules & packages.

Rapid Application Development using .NET technologies and Visual Studio Team System.

Prioritises security, testing, & administration.

Suitable for portable, cross-platform development.

Why Python?

Presence of many third-party modules

Extensive support libraries

Open Source and Community based development

Ease of learning and support availability

Increased productivity and speed

Ability to build robust & highly available web solutions

Inter-operability with other frameworks and languages

Key Offerings

Python Application Development

Python Application Optimization

Python Content Management System (CMS)

Python Support

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