• Teach everything you know you are good at
  • Share the vision
  • Set short term, achievable goals
  • Track progress, closely!
  • Celebrate success
  • Align everyone’s interest

Hire the best – Rockstar

  • Controlling the quality of individuals you hire V/S Controlling the work they do every day !
  • Total Cost = Salary + Cost of mistakes + Management Cost
  • Rockstar = lesser mistakes + lesser Management time + 25% higher salary
  • Higher productivity + better Ideas
  • If you know how to use them they can be 4X profitable

Ongoing Process 

  • Hire Continuously, not project / requirement based.
  • Smart people attract other smart people
  • Constant learning helps maintain standards
  • Cumulative smartness, smarter decisions

Teach the game

  • Teach them what you are good at, and in turn make them teach what they are good at.
  • Everyone should be on a similar page if not same
  • A steep learning curve gives higher satisfaction than compensation
  • Inculcate a culture of sharing knowledge | Top Down approach